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Absolute Fitrix (Tetris style game)

In this interesting variation of tetris, you will have to think logically and place the tetris pieces in such a way that you fill rows/columns. When a row (or column) is filled, that row is cleared and you score points

Absolute Fit-Trix gives you the freedom to choose the row/column you want to fill, the piece you want to play from a list of five. But the row length is 9 cells, and pieces can be of 1-6 in size, so you will have to plan properly and place the pieces in a perfectly manner to score points. Every few seconds, new pieces are added and when more than five pieces remain unused, the game is over. Fit-Trix is an arcade game of ten increasingly difficult levels.

Free Download - Trial version 1.5 MB  
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Fit-trix: Tetris Like Puzzle Game

Additional Features
  • Three ball variations, single color, two colors and multi colors (joker) balls
  • Four different board sizes
  • 6 - 9 color balls
  • Space availability indication bar

Free Download - Trial version 1.5 MB  
Buy Now   $12.50 (US Dollars)

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