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Magical Balls (Line puzzle game)

highly addictive, yet very relaxing logical game for all ages. Your task is to arrange same color balls in a line by moving one ball at a time. When 4 or more balls are arranged in a line those balls magically disappear and your score will increase. You will also get multi color balls to help you to match them with more than one color.

Sounds easy? But whenever you move one ball, three new balls are added, making it difficult for you to keep the board clean. Whenever you clear the balls in consecutive moves scores are multiplied. So you will have to think and plan properly to score more points When the board is filled with balls, you loose the game.

Free Download - Trial version 1.5 MB  
Buy Now   $10.00 (US Dollars)

Magical Ball : Line Four balls - Puzzle Game

Additional Features
  • Three ball variations, single color, two colors and multi colors (joker) balls
  • Four different board sizes
  • 6 - 9 color balls
  • Space availability indication bar

Free Download - Trial version 1.5 MB  
Buy Now   $10.00 (US Dollars)

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