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Kakuro SoftBook

Kakruo is a popular number puzzle game, similar to crosswords but with numbers. In this logic puzzle, the clues are sum of digits of the answer number.

Yoogi Games is one of the best syndicate for logic games, esp kakuro puzzles. We offer our quality kakuro puzzles in a computer game, designed on a book format.

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This kakuro soft book has about 12 books and 5,000 puzzles. We have divided puzzles into easy, medium Sudoku and hard difficulty levels and as well as sizes.

Features Of Kakuro Soft book

Presents an intresting alternative for number game enthusiasts.

  • Erase and restart puzzle at the click of a button, if you made a mistake.
  • Recording time taken to solve the puzzle
  • 5000 Puzzles. If you play 1 puzzle every day, you can play for about 13 years!
  • It is a software book. Pages dont get torn, or become dirty. You can even re-play the completed puzzles!
  • The puzzles are divided according to their sizes and difficulty levels. So you can choose to play very easy puzzles in coffee breaks or when you need instant solving pleasure. You can play the hard puzzles on quiet evenings, when you are ready and prepared for greater challenges.

Free Trial Download 2.7 MB  
Purchase Full version   $14.99(US Dollars)

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