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Killer Sudoku

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This is probably the most challenging puzzle game the puzzle world has ever seen. It is sudoku for people who can count.
The game has the same look-and feel of sudoku. No No numbers are given as hints. You have to find all the 81 numbers. You are given few clues as sum of cells grouped by dotted lines.

The freeware version has 30 puzzles in 4 difficulty levels. We will add more puzzles sooner.

Also check out our Shareware game Sudoku SoftBook , where you can play more than 50,000 Sudoku , Killer Sudoku & Comparision Sudoku Puzzles.

Free Download 1.4 MB  

Killer Sudoku Puzzles :Screenshot

Features Of Killer Sudoku YG

  • Puzzles divided into four categories of difficulties.
  • Pen and pencil use mimicked in the computer game.
  • check validity of entries in just a click

Free Download 1.6 MB    

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