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Logic Mahjong Game

Based on the ancient Chinese puzzle game, mahjong, Logic Mahjong brings you a delightful puzzle solving experience.
Mahjong is an easy-to-learn but tough-to-master puzzle game, based on tile matching logic. In the game tiles are laid out in beautiful 3d shapes, and you have to remove all tiles from a layout to win the game. The rules restrict you to remove only matching tiles that have at least one side free, as well as its top.

Logic Mahjong Game : solvable Mahjong Games    Logic Mahjong Game : Solitaire Mahjong Puzzle    Logic Mahjong Game : 400 Layouts and 3 tilesets
Mahjong Screenshots: (Click on an image to enlarge)

Free Download (1.7 MB)     Buy Now   $19.95 (US Dollars)

Features Of Logic Mahjong

  • 5 Mahjong tile sets (Classic Chinese tile set,Pets tile set, Flowers mahjong set, Hoilday mahjong set and English Alphabets mahjong set). Each tile set gives you a feel of playing a completely diffrent game, and it makes this Logic Mahjong replayable for years and years.
  • More than 400 Layouts, some towering up to 25 floors. (Pets, Flowers and Alphabets)
  • Unlimited Undo, Redo and Reshuffle actions
  • Layouts in easily accessible categories
    • Small : More than 120 Mahjong layouts. You can play the games quick and fast. Suitable for coffee breaks. 40 - 124 tiles
    • Medium : 120 layouts, up to 200 tiles per layout. The Mahjong games will consume around 10 minutes.
    • Large : With tiles ranging from 200 to 300, this game Will keep you busy for an hour or more
    • Giant : Ready to play games for hours and hours? this game will sure keep you busy for long hours. With some pile of tiles crossing the 1000 tiles mark, while some other Mahjong layouts towers up to 25 floors and even more
  • Soothing sound track
  • Games are created on the fly! (that does not mean you get a random game which is not solvable. All created games are perfectly solvable.)

Free Trial Download 1.6 MB     Buy Now   $19.95 (US Dollars)

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